Week of October 3

• Explanation of project (project overview and goals)
• Timeline for project and commitment by students is established
• Classes review responsible online communication as part of an online community
• Students get parental permission (if needed) to participate in project
• Students join/access technology tools (Arab Spring Wiki, ArabSpring YouTube channel)
• Students select country to study and join diverse teams
• Students create a brief (1-2 min.) multimedia project introducing each school's country team (video introduction)
  • Tools might include video clips, voicethread, audio clips, created with any of a number of web 2.0 tools.

Week of October 10

• Students research protest movement in country they're studying
• Students post research and resources to Google Doc (linked off of private country pages on Arab Spring wiki)

November -->

• Students comment on others' work and view/discuss outside comments
• Students reflect on what they have learned and relate to experiences with democracy in their own country
Ideas may include:
  • Consider what we can learn from pro-democracy movements across region. How can what's happening in [country studied] and other countries inform students' understanding of government and democracy in their own country?
  • Collaborate with students from other countries to compare & contrast the meaning of democracy
  • Describe their personal involvement in exercising democracy and how their involvement has an impact
  • Reflect on the public speech aspects of a revolution (demonstrations, wall art/graffiti, etc.)
• Students create a brief (1-2 min.) multimedia project sharing an "aha" moment from project