(Great collaborative work ahead! Page under construction.)

Project Plan
1. Identify classrooms/students interested in project (global reach)
2. Students are placed in diverse teams and choose a country to study.

3. Start with virtual handshake - multimedia presentation of personal interests and lives:
  • Students meet online - pre-project reflection, personal introduction, Skype and synchronous options explored.
  • Students join wiki, join posterous & create personal profiles.
  • Students review time zones, geography, holidays, seasons.
  • Timeline for project and commitment by students is established; language and communication guidelines are reviewed.
  • Classes post times they meet for possible meetings online
  • Classes review responsible online communication as part of an online community
  • Tools might include video clips, voicethread, audio clips, created with any of a number of web 2.0 tools.
4. Mixed teams research and report on protest movements in assigned country using questions on each country's wiki page as guideline
5. Teams reflect on bigger picture of democracy (could be multimedia presentation posted to posterous or wiki)
Ideas may include:
  • Consider what we can learn from pro-democracy movements across region. How can what's happening in [country studied] and other countries inform students' understanding of government and democracy in their own country?
  • Collaborate with students from other countries to compare & contrast the meaning of democracy
  • Describe their personal involvement in exercising democracy and how their involvement has an impact
  • Reflect on the public speech aspects of a revolution (demonstrations, wall art/graffiti, etc.)
6. Each student shares 1-2 minute multimedia "aha" moment of learning from project.

Three-Four weeks in October