How to Join

How it is used

(organizational tool, links for country research,
links to video introductions)
You and your students will need to join wikispaces and this wiki. The countries listed under the Country Studies heading in the left menus bar may only be viewed and edited by members of the wiki. The links on the top part of the wiki are viewable by the public.
The wiki will serve as an important organizational tool and as a space for sharing information about the project. Think of the wiki as home base.
Google Document
(tool for sharing research)
These will be private documents linked from the country pages.
Participants will be able to add text to their country page without joining Google.
Google Docs allow multiple authors to add content at the same time. Students will share their research and writing with team members on their Google Doc page. Participants can check to see who has added, revised, etc.
(tool for sharing video introductions)
Log in here
Please ask your teacher for the correct username and login.
Students will upload their video introductions to YouTube. Please be sure to set privacy settings to "unlisted."
(tool for public comments)
Participants do not need to join this blog in order to comment.
We have people invited to share their stories and impressions of the protest movements, including contributors from the Middle East. After student research is complete, we will share student work and invite public comments. Comments will be moderated by the project facilitators, so may not appear on the blog immediately.

Sites for Copyright-Free Music to use for Vidoes
Open to anyone
Be sure to use music that is not under copyright if you add accompaniment to videos.