Sharing Introductions

The Country Study pages of this wiki are private for students to share information with their research teams. This part of the wiki is only open to participants in this project. To view the space and to work on the research pages, each person needs to become a member of and join this wiki. Teachers will be assisting students with this process.

Creating Videos

To introduce yourself to your team members, each school/country team (ex. YHS Tunisia team) should create a short (1-2 minutes maximum) multimedia presentation about your team. You may want to include your interests/activities, your family, your school, or information about your home town.

Video/slideshow tools you might use include:

Posting Videos Online

Once you have created the short video you can post it at number of places including:

Posting to YouTube Channel

  • Log in here (teachers have the username & password)
  • Click on "Upload" to get to the Video Upload page
  • You can upload from a computer or drag and drop a file. Time limit is 3 minutes
  • While the video is uploading you need to set the Information and privacy settings (see screen shot below):
    • Title: Something like "Greetings from..."
    • Category: pick Education
    • Privacy: Unlisted
    • License: Creative Commons
    • then click on Save Changes
Screenshot of Video Information and Privacy Settings
Screenshot of Video Information and Privacy Settings

Posting Videos to the Wiki

To embed your video into the wiki, make sure you are signed into the wiki. Then go to your country page (ex. Tunisia) and click the EDIT button in the upper right-hand corner. Position your cursor where you would like to embed your video, then choose the Widget gadget on the tool bar. Choose "Other HTML" for most online video or slideshow soureces and paste the embed code from the online source into the box. For a YouTube video from the project YouTube Channel, use the YouTube widget If you are using an online video site, be sure to set the privacy settings for the video so that only those with the link can see it.