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Research Questions


• How would you describe the government before the protests began?
• Before the protest movement began, who was leader of the government? How long was the leader in power?

• Who is protesting?
• Why are they protesting? What do the protestors want?
• Did ethnic and/or religious tension played a role in the protests?

Government Response
• How has the government responded to the protests? Have the protests resulted in violence or death? (Look for evidence of violence targeting civilians and/or military/security forces.)
• As a result of the protests, did the government adopt any reforms and/or has there been a change in government? Explain.

How have the internet and social media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) played a role in the protests?

International Response
• How has the international community responded to the protests? (This may include individual governments or international organizations.)
• How effective do you think the response by the international community has been? (Share your informed opinions here.)